What is the Purpose & Benefits of Day Cream

Mornings can certainly be hasty, but you should always take out the time to prep your skin before heading out. Just consider the horror of your bare skin taking on the harmful UV rays and impurities. Can’t imagine it, right?

What is a day cream?

A day cream is a moisturizer that is generally used in the morning during your day routine. You simply take the cream on your fingertips and gently massage it on your face until completely absorbed in the skin.

Purpose & Benefits

A day cream is not just a mere moisturizer you use in the morning, it serves a much wider purpose at large. One of the main advantages of a day cream is that it protects your skin against the harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Day creams are also perfect for prepping your skin before you put your makeup on. This not only hydrates and moisturises the skin but also gives a protective shield to your skin.

Day creams help in retaining water content of the skin which gives your skin a smoother texture. They also help your complexion to even out and treat your skin problems from the root. Day creams are formulated in a way which ensures that your skin receives all the essential nutrients.

If you worry about premature ageing, using day creams can be your best answer. They help prevent growth of fine line & wrinkles, keeping your skin glow and young.

Both day & night creams are created with distinct properties and serve different purposes. People often use night creams during the day as well, but you must keep in mind that it is best suited to use a day cream during the daytime. So, if you use your night creams during the day, you make your skin sensitive to the sun and it will also make your skin look greasy.

How to choose ?

The best way to choose  a day cream is to first identify your skin type and if your skin is sensitive to certain ingredients. Look up products and do intensive research before purchasing your day cream. You should always do a swatch on your hand before direct application on your face, this is an effective way of choosing the perfect day cream for yourself.

Product Recommendation :

Navah has recently introduced their day cream, rich in antioxidants and vitamins which provides all the aforementioned benefits. It is created with the natural Grape seed extract, Vitamin E & Strawberries trying to  give your skin a hydrated and youthful look.


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