How to Combat Breakouts?

Contrary to what we have always heard and believed , acne breakouts are not a result of ‘dirty skin´ or ‘consuming greasy food’. They emerge due to various hormonal imbalances, excessive production of sebum from sebaceous glands  , bacteria & even genetics which leads to inflammation in the pores. For some people acne issues can be aggressive and require medical treatment whereas for some adapting a healthier lifestyle can ease the acne situation.

There is no perfect way to prevent breakouts, but we have got some very easy tips & tricks for you to keep them under control. So, without wasting any time let’s get into it :

  • Keep yourself hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated does not only help in controlling your acne condition but is also essential for your other body functions. Hormones have a significant impact on your acne problems, therefore this problem is most experienced amongst teenagers who go through several hormonal imbalances leading to increased production of sebum. Drinking at least 2 litres of water daily keeps you in optimal physical condition.

  • Do not poke your acne

The worst thing you can do is poking & touching your acne spots. This causes the spreading of bacteria and breaks the seal of your pores leading to inflammation, causing red spots all over your face.

  • Avoid sharing your skincare tools 

Sharing your skincare products or makeup tools & brushes with others can also aggravate your acne. So, you must ensure that you’re the only person who uses your tools as sharing them can lead to spreading of bacteria causing acne breakouts and  can even worsen the situation for some. 

  • Use gentle exfoliators

You have to be very careful regarding the products you choose for your skin. With an acne prone skin your products should be very mild & gentle. While some exfoliators help to improve the skin but too much can cause more breakouts as it removes excess natural oils from the skin. 

  • Do not skip your moisturisers

You may think that moisturising your skin can worsen your acne, but that’s not true. If your skin is dry, it leads to over production of oil which eventually affects your acne situation. So, you must not skip moisturising in your skincare routine as it helps in balancing your oil glands and helps in deteriorating acne. Another important thing to keep a check on is that your Skin moisturisers should be lightweight so that they don’t make your skin greasy or clog your pores.

  • Always wash your face after workout

Washing your face post workout is very essential as this helps keep your pores minimise clean and remove any excessive oil from your skin. The main idea behind is to remove the bacteria from the skin that gets trapped in the hair follicles and cause inflammation.

  • Change your Bedcovers and Pillowcases frequently

Unwashed and dirty pillowcases & bedcovers can also lead to breakouts due to contamination. It is advised to change your pillowcases & bedcovers every once or twice a week to avoid bacteria to build up that can cause inflammation.

  • Icing can also do the trick

Icing your acne can also help in reducing the swelling & keep in control the inflammation. You can wrap 1-2 ice cubes on a soft cloth and compress against your zits for about 25-30 seconds at a time, you can repeat this for 5-6 times.

Everyone gets breakouts now and then. At their best pimples are annoying, at their worst they may leave permanent scarring, anxiety or depression. These preventions may help ,but they aren’t foolproof. So, whatever precautions or preventions you choose, patience and consistency are key.

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